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I Know How He Feels

This song is by Reba McEntire and appears on the album Reba (1988) and on the live album Reba Live (1989).

When I heard that familiar voice
My heart stopped dead in it's tracks
Across the room I could see him there
A ghost from my past
But he's too caught up to notice me
She must be his new love
I never dreamed that it would hurt this much
It's just

I know how he feels
How warm his touch is
Oh, how he feels
How soft his kiss is
And it cuts right down to the bone
'Cause I let him go
I know how he cares
How strong his love can be
When he believes it's real
Oh, I've been there
I know how he feels

As long as I kept him out of sight
I kept from going out of my mind
Tried to believe that leaving him was somehow justified
But tonight, there's no denying what a love like his is worth
He once looked at me the way he's looking at her
What a lucky girl

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