Reba McEntire:(There's Nothing Like The Love) Between A Woman And A Man Lyrics

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(There's Nothing Like the Love) Between a Woman and a Man

This song is by Reba McEntire and appears on the album Reba McEntire (1977).

(Ruby Hice, Danny Hice)

Some folks say that a mother's love is sweeter than the rest
When her baby's nestled in her arms and feeding at her breast
But I can't explain the feeling when you reach and touch my hand
Because there's nothing like the love between a woman and a man

It's a miracle from heaven
That it fills me through and through
Like a feeling that surrounds us
Touching me touching you
When you wrap your love around me it's not hard to understand
Why there's nothing like the love between and woman and a man

Well the father's love is quiet
But it's there for all to see
When a little boy is laughing bouncing on his daddy's knee
Then those great big hands reach down to tuck his little cowboy in
But there's nothing like the love between a woman and a man
Repeat Chorus 4 times

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