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​In Your Arms

This song is by Reach 454 and appears on the album Reach 454 (2003).

If I?
Through another night
I will promise you
I'm never going back again
If I ?, I'll make it through this night
I will give it up to lay in your arms again
If I?

When I'm in your arms
You show I can
Change all the mistakes I've made in my past
When I'm in your arms
You understand help me see who I really am
When I'm in your arms, when I'm in your arms

It's getting hard to breath
My bones are killing me
I can't get to sleep tonight
I'm looking at the scars running down my arms
I think I'm getting sick again

I will promise you
I'll never leave your side again
I will promise you
I will always stay in your arms
In your arms

(When I'm in your arms) repeated