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This song is by Razed In Black and appears on the album Sacrificed (1999).

Quiet, I'm thinking, it's kind of difficult

I can't hold up the conversation
It's difficult to sympathize
My need to resuscitate intensifies
The bolt thrust sharp right between my eyes
Inside I crumble, perishing
Intentionally, explicitly
There's nothing I can do
Nothing I can do
Nothing I can... do!

4, 3, 2, 1, boom! explosions
Deep inside my head
It feels as if a tank just fucking tore apart my insides
Sometimes I wish that I was dead
It's me who's ping-ponging back and forth
Across this empty space
I'd rather be slammed by two
Than to take anymore
So what's the use?
So what's with you?

I never said I'd take you down there
Never said I'd see it through
Yet shit just happens
I'll never know what fucking hell has put me through
I guess that I deserve the beating
The kind that's not intentional
Why must I do only things that please me
There's definitely no escape
I'm caught!

I'm caught, caught in the middle

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