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Santa Claus Is Watching You

This song is by Ray Stevens and appears on the compilation Holidays in Dementia (1995) and on the compilation The Ultimate Christmas Album, Volume 5 (2000).

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Now you chil'ren better watch your Ps and Qs
A-hang up your clothes and clean up your room
A-do everythin' you're supposed to do
'Cause Santy Claus is watching you! (He's everywhere! He's everywhere!)

Now you kids better behave
A-get your homework every day
And try to get good grades in school
'Cause Santy Claus is watching you! (He's everywhere! He's everywhere!)

Well every Christmas Eve
He climbs on his sleigh full of toys
And spreads Christmas cheer
To all good little girls and boys

And Santy Claus say "On Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen and Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen and Bruce and Marvin!"
(Say, where's Rudolph?)
Say, well say he dislocated his hip in a Twist contest and he's all stowed up in the hospital, yeah, so we got a swingin' replacement. Say, we got the fastest steed from the sands of the Arabian Desert, baby! Say, we got Clyde the Camel!
And then he say "On, Clyde! On you big Camel!"
And Clyde say "<camel noises>", which is Camel for "Don't bug me man, say I'm pullin' this sled fast as I can!"

Over the trees, over the fences, through the sky, 'cross the clouds, on the roof, click-clack-click, real quick! ('cause here comes jolly old Saint Nick!, ho, ho, ho!)

Now you chil'ren better be good
And act like all good children should
Be careful what you say and do
'Cause Santy Claus is watching you! (He's everywhere! He's everywhere!)

Well, every Christmas Eve he climbs on his sled
With a dual exhaust, side mirrors, fox tails, mud flaps, and leopard-skin seat covers.

(Say, what have you got in your big bag for all the kiddies this year, Santa, hmmm?)
Say, I've got apples 'n' oranges, hundred 'n' seventy ponies, three thousand sets of drums, seven thousand comic books, and a do-it-yourself gui-tar course, complete with a eight-by-ten COLOR pho-toe of Bo Diddley, suitable for framin', yes!

And, with that, leaping on his sled, and laying his finger aside of his nose, he pulled back on the reins, cracked the whip, 'n' took off like the first stage of a Cape Canaveral rocket headed straight for the icy 'n' snowy regions of the North Pole which is habitated and abounding in polar bears and penguins!
Yeah, and you could hear him exclaim as he drove outta sight "On, Dasher 'n' Dancer 'n' Prancer 'n' Vixen 'n' Comet 'n' Cupid 'n' Donner 'n' Blitzen 'n' Bruce 'n' Marvin. On, Clyde!" And Clyde say "<camel noises>" which is Camel for "Merry Christmas, everybody" (On, Clyde. On, you big camel!)



The original single does not have the "over the trees" line or the second "Well every Christmas Eve" part. It is not known when the version containing these lyrics first appeared nor on which album this version appears.

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