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Hang Your Head In Shame

This song is by Ray Charles and appears on the album Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music, Volume Two (1962).

Oh hang your head in shame
Oh, don't your conscience ever bother you
Every time you hear my name
Well, try and think of all that I've gone through
And then you hang your head in shame

Someone came along and took my place
Then you gave me all the blame
Well, you should go somewhere and hide your face
And then hang your head in shame

When you said I was the only one
Was it just your little game?
Now look back on all the harm you've done
And then you hang your head in shame

I should hate you but I love you still
In my heart I keep the flame
Oh, you'll be sorry, darling, yes you will, will
And you're gonna hang your head in shame
And hang your head in shame

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