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Album by Ray Charles.
  1. All I Want to Do (featuring Angie Stone)
  2. You Are My Sunshine (featuring Chris Isaak)
  3. It All Goes By So Fast (featuring Mary J. Blige)
  4. You Were There (featuring Gladys Knight)
  5. Imagine (featuring Ruben Studdard and The Harlem Gospel Singers)
  6. Compared to What (featuring Leela James)
  7. Big Bad Love (featuring Diana Ross)
  8. I Will Be There (featuring Idina Menzel)
  9. Blame It on the Sun (featuring George Michael)
  10. Touch (featuring John Legend)
  11. Shout (featuring Patti LaBelle and The Andrae Crouch Singers)
  12. Surrender to Love (featuring Laura Pausini)
  13. Busted (live) (featuring Willie Nelson)
  14. America the Beautiful (featuring Alicia Keys)
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