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We Are His Heart

This song is by Ray Boltz and appears on the album Thank You (1988).

Their lonely eyes stare out
From the houses on my street
Sometimes I turn away
Before it starts to bother me
But this time something's worng
I must have watched too long
I can't earse their faces
From my mind

We are his heart
In HIs heart beating
We are his hands
Are HIs hands reaching
When will we realize
That you and I
Must do our part
It's time to start
WE are His heart

Two thousand years ago
Upon a distant hill
A little boy gave all he had
And multiudes were filled
Where is that child today
Who gave it all away
Where is that love
We cannot let it die

Hands reach
Reaching out in desperaton
In a dying world
Their lonely voices cry
I can feel ir growing stringer
We've got to reach out to them
We just can't turn again
Where is that love
We cannot let them die

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