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Soulside Execution

This song is by Raven Woods and appears on the album ...And Emotions Are Spilled (2006).

On sale the soul of man
To kill the one who can't
Erasers will be sent
Now run away if you can
Taken by master's hands
All virtue of men
The name of revolution is
Soulside execution
Don't be lost, these times will be gone
Just stand on your knees
Time for revenge will come
They built this selfish course
To show no one remorse
Constructing a new forge
To make them work till disgorge

Figured by destruction
A new mankind construction
The name of revolution is
Soulside execution

Forced to be the one who you are not
A disease of self disgust
What you have is stolen
Forced and beaten, a generation of abortion
Stand still on their corruption

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