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In Loneliness I Wither

This song is by Raven Woods and appears on the EP In Silent Agony... (2001).

Beyond the prime shining and dim
Whenever an eye looks deep into my soul
A shooting star streaks over me

I'm walking through a field which leads to an unending night.
And as my palms brush against the tops of the greens
I leave behind a trail of death
While the wind whips me with it waves of sorrow

At this moment my yearning for your existence comes to mind
And with every tear that falls upon my heart
I'm reminded of this pain that never seems to cease
Knowing the pain will never end or disappear...

Deeply grieving
Somewhere in my heart
With emotions rent apart
I fall into a state of deep grief
Loneliness never desert me

Never shall we part always with you am i
Leave yourself to me I'll take you to an ultimate high
Weeping tears of sorrow that I will always provide
Under my wings in troubled silence
You shall always hide

Return now to your grim reality
Not to forget that I shall forever be...
?N existence within your heart

As your words infused the night
The depths of my soul become yours
Look to sound of funeral dirge
As a symbol of my coming from the underworld
May we meet in fiery embrace
May no more pains be scribed
Feel the fidelity inside me
May we become one under spells of the moon

Thunderous, ashen clouds begin to collide
Causing hurricans of death to resound in my mind.
Restless I've become from this desperate search
Offer me some sort of a valuable find

My tears they flow like blood for the god
Creating shallow rivers of nocturnal dismay
Dark and denk my mind has sank
Separated from my soul who is lost so very faraway...

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