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This song is by Raven Woods and appears on the album ...And Emotions Are Spilled (2006).

A dead-end existence for mankind
For brains of all living, a new build-up
A gentle elusive truth
An elegant genocide
A system just to breathe
No question appear in minds
Injected into the veins
Infection in disguise

Get rid of all embody me in emptiness
Make me discovered so I can stand to stillness
For shelters of non-sense
Bounds broken with crimes
Left after the disease is
Only flesh and blood
No salvation of thoughts existence
Brains darkened by conquerors
Impaled with words
Conscious incitement
Starvation to chaos
A massive statement

Feelings divide
Empirical violence
A lethal divine
Impending silence
Weakening implementation to existence
Lies descend

Collapse of thoughts
In a second's clash
Grief remains

Times of bliss have passed away
A brief memory is all that fades...

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