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In Silent Agony... (2001)Edit

Raven Woods - In Silent Agony...
In Silent Agony...
  1. Visions Against the Enchanted Gate
  2. In Loneliness I Wither
  3. Chained and Blind
  4. Through the Temples of Farewell
  5. The Darkest Will Rise

...And Emotions Are Spilled (2006)Edit

Raven Woods - ...And Emotions Are Spilled
...And Emotions Are Spilled
  1. Inward Massacre
  2. Bone House Corporation
  3. Ravenwoods
  4. Soulside Execution
  5. Betray
  6. Collapse
  7. ...And Emotions Are Spilled
  8. Stolen & Erased

Enfeebling the Throne (2011)Edit

Raven Woods - Enfeebling the Throne
Enfeebling the Throne
  1. Zâhir & Bâtin
  2. Enfeebling The Throne
  3. Breathless Solace
  4. Ecstasy Through Carnage
  5. Torture Palace
  6. Upheaven-Subterranean
  7. Inward Massacre
  8. Stay
  9. The Grey Cold Shade
  10. The Fading Trace
  11. Azab-ı Mukaddes

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