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Blind to Reality (2001)Edit

Raul Midón - Blind to Reality

Blind to Reality

  1. Let There Be Hope
  2. Let's All Go Down Together
  3. Every Day 'blind to Reality'
  4. If You Really Want
  5. Suddenly
  6. Dangerous Age
  7. I Would Do Anything 'no Me Digas Que No'
  8. Believe in Me
  9. Fade Away
  10. Don't Be Afraid of the Rain
  11. You Got the Freedom

State of Mind (2005)Edit

Raul Midón - State of Mind

State of Mind

  1. State of Mind
  2. If You're Gonna Leave
  3. Keep on Hoping (featuring Jason Mraz)
  4. Mystery Girl
  5. Waited All My Life
  6. Everybody
  7. Expressions of Love (featuring Stevie Wonder)
  8. Sittin' in the Middle
  9. Suddenly
  10. Never Get Enough
  11. Sunshine (I Can Fly)
  12. I Would Do Anything
  13. All in Your Mind

A World Within a World (2007)Edit

  1. Pick Somebody Up
  2. Save My Life
  3. All the Answers
  4. Ain't Happened Yet
  5. All Because of You
  6. The More That I Know
  7. Tembererana
  8. Song for Sandra
  9. Caminando
  10. Peace on Earth

Synthesis (2010)Edit

Raul Midón - Synthesis


  1. Don't Be a Silly Man
  2. Bonnie's Song
  3. These Wheels
  4. Next Generation
  5. Everyone Deserves a Second Chance
  6. Don't Take It That Way
  7. When You Call My Name
  8. Invisible Chains
  9. About You
  10. Blackbird
  11. Why Am I Feeling So Bad

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