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This song is by Rasputina and appears on the album Thanks For The Ether (1996).

All that I have is this dull paring knife
Peeling potatoes the rest of my life.
Dirt floors make dust so I hope for the best.
I carry candles with pains in my chest.

Face tied together with three-times-used string.
Follow me, see what I mean.

Fixing a fencepost or feeding a cow
Twopenny saltlick I never ask how
Animals like me though folks turn away
I like the pigeons, I like what they say.

We come alone and leave alone and look the horse in mouth.
We scratch the skin and break the bone and see birds migrating south

By the side of stump where she told me these things,
If you hear a bell ring, you get some wings.
Don't bother looking for what I've neglected to bring.
By the side of the stump where she told me these things,
If you hear a bell you get some wings.
She's fallen farther than feathers that float in the wind.

I saw a wishing well down by the stream
I never understood what wishes mean.
Just ask for nothing you get what you get.
I asked for something, I've not got it yet.

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