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My Orphanage

This song is by Rasputina and appears on the album Cabin Fever! (2002).

I have been held in this orphanage
For longer than my years
I am made to eat this horrible porridge
They box me on the ears.
How often I vow to flee, to go,
But this is the only home I know
My stammered speech, my one suitcase
My orphanage, my hateful place.

Like that case, this place I carry inside of me
It's not so very heavy for a stocky child
They said my mamma's loose
They said she was wild
Though I never new or saw
That woman sent with me this fatal flaw
My strange and puffy moon-like face
My orphanage, oh my hateful place
My stringy hair, my lack of grace
My orphanage, my hateful place


I could have been lucky like them
Happy families look in my dark, rotten,
Hardened heart and you'll see
The downcast glance
The empty embrace of my orphanage
My hateful place.

I'm an evil thing I am way full of something
That was left by the side of a road
I am chipped. Curly-lipped,
Nevery any kindness was showed,

No one else is here
My orphanage, my dear.
It simply is a part
My orphanage, my heart.

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