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Child Soldier Rebellion

This song is by Rasputina and appears on the album Oh Perilous World! (2007).

Child-soldier children from the soldier rebellion, these children rebel again. Waiting for airships that never arrive, with crosses on suitcases, novelty knives, they aimlessly wandered the beach all that day. Eventually most of them shuffled away.

A matchbox bears my picture. It details the reward for my capture. "Not one person here has helped me," reads the caption under my picture, see? The younger they are, the more fearless! But they were betrayed by merchants who had offered seven ships. "We were maimed, tortured, and kidnapped. They cut off ears, limbs and lips."

Oh my dears, when they hear the news that's been written in tears, they will know there's no way to excuse the lies that were used to force them to fight.

Then into their rag tag clothing an officer sews. He says, "This will make for victorious battle. It's a magical stone."

Emmanuele looks down at the ground as he fumbles with the tassels on his boots. He can still hear the sound of the many rebel groups or the government militia. Who he'd been fighting for, no, no, he had no idea...

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