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Something To Build Upon

This song is by Rasmus Kellerman.

I wanna give you a new home
I wanna build us a life here she said
A safe place for the kids and
A warm bed awaiting you each night

I'll never take you for granted
I'm gonna make you feel special he said
Two strong arms that will hold you
A soft touch to waken you each day

Here we lay to rest
All of what is left
Here we spread the soil
Of this our mortal coil

She'll be away for the most part
She'll screw around the first few months
She won't laugh at the movies
The fact is she won't laugh much at all

He'll never stop with the drinking
He'll keep getting angrier each year
He won't see any plans through
The fact is he won't do much at all

These are the pros
These are the cons
Something for us to build upon

Written by:

Rasmus Kellerman

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