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​Movie Star Part 2

This song is by Rascalz.

Rascalz: Yeah Uh, Ladies... Its rascalz.
And we making the hits
And doing remixes... Uh Huh...

Shawn: It's the rascalz, with Shawn Desmon, and BA y'all
Some come and check it out...

Girl you look like a movie star
You the finest chick, no matter where you are, oh yeah, oh yeah.
I love the way you move baby.
Girl you look like a movie star
With your prada dress and your fancy car, oh yeah, oh yeah.
So girl, keep on doing what you do.

Flow blown, genetics.
Somebody call the medics.
These girls look good, and somebody gonna get it.
You them cats said it, but they don't get it.
'Cause we them cats, whos all up in it.
Yo, short skrit wearing
Tear off what you're wearing
She don't be daring...
She live life daring.
And don't like sharing
And them girls staring
Can't hold them back
Once she takes off them earings... OH OH
Here we go again: girl fight.
Cause, your style tight
And that they don't like.
When you pass through, what's like a spolight
Yo kid, you rock right
So let them back fight
'Cause I got you.
You hold it down, so I got to.
DJ spinning the sounds
That we rock to
So let him drive 'em around
Just to clock you
Cause how you move,
Just wondered, can't stop you.

Hey yo, Them girls pretty
And look good pretty.
So I dedicate this,
I hope y'all hear me
I love y'all dearly,
So keep y'all near me.
How you put it together
It never once failed me
Y'all do it dearly
With or without baby
You, a movie star, better yet
You a lady.
So I'll ride shotgun
You drive me crazy
Think of you nearly every minute
And its scarey.
Feeling you dearly
And I hope that you seeing
Beauty's in the eye
If you defose you being
I hope that you will beware
So we can beware
Not only my temper
But you lift my spirits

Hey Yo, A real fine damsel girl
We should tango.
You do the talk
And action I'll handle
Pure satisfaction
We pure waxing.
Though you like it rough...
So touch without asking.
No one better touch
Just long lasting
Eventhough I'm in a rush,
Can't stop blasting
Even though we do what we be doing often
I still want more,
But You know what I'm talking, come 'ere

Everybodys talking
So I gots to take a look
N' What else can I say
But this girl she got me shook
Ooh, tell me what I gotta do
Ooh, cause girl I gotta get with you
Ooh, girl you make me feel this way
Tell me what I got to say