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Compilation by various artists.
  1. First World Problems by KIDD
  2. Cashews by Flame
  3. Heart Murmurs by Alert312
  4. Show Them by Skrip
  5. We Win by Rhema Soul
  6. Over the Edge by Jin
  7. First Date by Gowe
  8. What Will It Take by Janette...ikz
  9. Stop The Traffic by Andy Mineo (featuring Co Campbell)
  10. Rescue Me by Butta P (featuring V. Rose)
  11. Tomorrow by Sho Baraka (featuring ALi)
  12. Rejuvenated by Json (featuring Future (US-MI) and Derek Minor)
  13. Royalty by Young Chozen
  14. Runway by Canton Jones
  15. Not for Sale by HillaryJane
  16. Healthy Don't Need Doctors by Propaganda (US)

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