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Being without you has turned out to be so inconvienent
And wishing I was with you just seems to use up all my time
You been gone so long that it's hard to recall just how the dream went
And all but this broken heart and me I guesss is doing' fine

Is it still over are we still through
Since my phone still ain't ringing
I assume it still ain't you
I'VE haLF to mind to take the time to find somebody new
But I'm not TOO sure that I'm still over you

That lie that I tried to slip by you was told with good intentions
It was just another way to say I love you and protect you from the truth
And half a pound of cure is surely worth a half an ounce of PURE prevention
And trying to explain while I'm insane is the hardest thing I've ever tried to

If I repeat myself it's 'cause I've nothing else to do
But I'm not sure that I'm still over you

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