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Are We In Trouble Now

This song is by Randy Travis and appears on the album Full Circle (1996) and on the album I Told You So: The Ultimate Hits Of Randy Travis (2009).

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Are We In Trouble Now
Wasn't just the music, wasn't just the wine
Some other kind of magic sending shivers up my spine
And I was falling and I fell for you and how
Darling, are we in trouble now

Well they say we're grown up
We've been searching all this time
And I wouldn't own up
Never would admit to flying blind
But in the darkness found each other anyhow
Darling, are we in trouble now

When we talk it over
Our love was crying from a distant shore
Then we found each other
And all that we've been searching for
Now don't deny it yeah I guess by how we know
I'm through with trying can't bring myself to let you go
And all these feelings said we never would now
Darling, are we in trouble now

Darling are we in trouble now

Written by:

Mark Knopfler

Produced by:

Kyle Lehning Wikipedia16

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