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Coming Back Soon

This song is by Randy Stonehill and appears on the album Can't Buy A Miracle (1988) and on the collection album The Definitive Collection (2007).

Morning steals the night
The sun breaks through the rain
A little girl is sleeping
While I pack to meet my plane
Then I kneel down by her bed
And I kiss her sleepy head
She hugs me tight
She knows I'm going away

She says "tell me you're coming back soon
Now don't forget me
I want to be with you
If you'll tell me you're coming back soon
Then while you're gone
The days won't seem so long"

I watch my little girl
And start to understand
How God looks down from heaven
And we're children in His eyes
Even though we're far apart
He left behind His heart
Like a promise to return for us someday

I know sometimes she feels so lost without me
The world is such a big confusing place
And it's then I pray she'll do the things I taught her
Remember right from wrong
Remember daddy's face

I know I'm going home
And hunger for that day
Just like the Lord is waiting
And He longs to hear us say

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