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Born Twice (1971)Edit

Randy Stonehill - Born Twice
Born Twice
  1. I Need You
  2. Hand in the Hand
  3. He's Got the Whole World
  4. Help Me Lord
  5. Thank You
  6. Never Can Repay
  7. All Right Now
  8. Passing Stranger
  9. I Love You
  10. He Is a Friend of Mine
  11. Norman's Kitchen

Get Me Out of Hollywood (1973)Edit

Randy Stonehill - Get Me Out Of Hollywood
Get Me Out Of Hollywood
  • Not officially released until 2003
  1. Get Me Out of Hollywood
  2. Back to California
  3. Lately Mary
  4. Jamey's Blues
  5. Puppet Strings
  6. Strange Youth
  7. Strangest Feeling
  8. East Coast Lady
  9. One Man's Blues
  10. Vegetables

Welcome to Paradise (1976)Edit

Randy Stonehill - Welcome to Paradise
Welcome to Paradise
  1. King of Hearts
  2. Keep Me Runnin'
  3. The Winner (High Card)
  4. Lung Cancer
  5. Puppet Strings
  6. First Prayer
  7. I've Got News for You
  8. Song for Sarah
  9. Christmas Song for All Year 'Round
  10. Good News

The Sky Is Falling (1978)Edit

Randy Stonehill - The Sky Is Falling
The Sky Is Falling
  • Not officially released until 1980
  1. One True Love
  2. Through a Glass Darkly
  3. Teen King
  4. The Great American Cure
  5. Venezuela
  6. Counterfeit King
  7. Jamey's Got the Blues
  8. Bad Fruit
  9. Emily
  10. Trouble Coming
Bonus Tracks Available on 1994 Re-Issue
  1. Counterfeit King (Alternate Mix)
  2. Teen King (Alternate Mix)
  3. Postcards From the Heart (Letter to My Family)
  4. King of Hearts (Orchestral Version)
  5. Good News (Live From Greenbelt)

Equator (1982)Edit

Randy Stonehill - Equator
  1. Light of the World
  2. Big Ideas (In the Shrinking World)
  3. Shut De Do
  4. Even the Best of Friends
  5. American Fast Food
  6. China
  7. Cosmetic Fixation
  8. Turning Thirty
  9. Hide Them in Your Love
  10. World Without Pain

Celebrate This Heartbeat (1984)Edit

Randy Stonehill - Celebrate This Heartbeat
Celebrate This Heartbeat
  1. Overture - Celebrate This Heartbeat
  2. Still, Small Voice
  3. Celebrate This Heartbeat
  4. Modern Myth
  5. Who Will Save the Children? (featuring Phil Keaggy)
  6. When I Look to the Mountains
  7. Allison
  8. Whatcha Gonna Do About That?
  9. Stop the World
  10. I'll Remember You

Love Beyond Reason (1985)Edit

Randy Stonehill - Love Beyond Reason
Love Beyond Reason
  1. I Could Never Say Goodbye (featuring Amy Grant)
  2. Love Beyond Reason
  3. The Gods of Men
  4. Bells
  5. You're Loved Tonight
  6. Until Your Love Broke Through
  7. Hymn
  8. Angry Young Men
  9. Judgement Day
  10. Cross That Line
  11. The Gods of Men (Extended Version)

The Wild Frontier (1986)Edit

Randy Stonehill - The Wild Frontier
The Wild Frontier
  1. The Wild Frontier
  2. Here Come the Big Guitars
  3. The Dying Breed
  4. Words on the Wind
  5. What's My Line?
  6. What Do You Want From Life?
  7. Get Together
  8. Defender
  9. Evangeline
  10. The Hope of Glory

Can't Buy a Miracle (1988)Edit

Randy Stonehill - Can't Buy a Miracle
Can't Buy a Miracle
  1. It's Now
  2. Don't Break Now
  3. Coming Back Soon
  4. O How the Mighty Have Fallen
  5. Brighter Day
  6. Awfully Loud World
  7. Cold Rock the Groove
  8. Beyond the Veil
  9. Can't Buy a Miracle

Return to Paradise (1989)Edit

Randy Stonehill - Return to Paradise
Return to Paradise
  1. Starlings
  2. Stand Like Steel
  3. I Don't Ever Want to Live Without You
  4. Friend of Old
  5. You Can Still Walk Tall
  6. True Blood
  7. Strong Hand of Love
  8. Christmas at Denny's
  9. Love Tells No Lies
  10. Weight of the Sky
  11. Ready to Go

Until We Have Wings (1990)Edit

Randy Stonehill - Until We Have Wings
Until We Have Wings
  1. Faithful
  2. Didn't It Rain
  3. Born to Love
  4. Breath of God
  5. The History in Your Eyes
  6. Can Hell Burn Hot Enough?
  7. Old Clothes
  8. Keep Me Runnin' (Live)
  9. Turning Thirty (Live)
  10. Ramada Inn (Live)
  11. Shut De Do (Live)
  12. Hymn (Live)
  13. Good News (Live)
  14. I'll Remember You (Live)

Wonderama (1991)Edit

Randy Stonehill - Wonderama
  1. Wonderama
  2. I Will Follow
  3. Barbie Nation
  4. Don't Be Sad
  5. Rachel Delevoryas
  6. Intermission at the Wonderama
  7. Great Big Stupid World
  8. Sing in Portuguese
  9. Mice and Men
  10. The Lost Parade
  11. Lantern in the Snow
  12. Wonderama Postlude

Stories (1993)Edit

Randy Stonehill - Stories
  1. I Thirst for You
  2. Still, Small Voice
  3. Rachel Delevoryas
  4. Bells
  5. Starlings
  6. Turning Thirty
  7. Coming Back Soon
  8. Charlie the Weatherman
  9. Sing in Portuguese
  10. Weight of the Sky
  11. Letter to My Family
  12. Christmas at Denny's
  13. The Hope of Glory

The Lazarus Heart (1994)Edit

Randy Stonehill - The Lazarus Heart
The Lazarus Heart
  1. A Promise Made Is a Promise Kept
  2. I Turn to You
  3. In Jesus' Name
  4. Under the Rug
  5. Remember My Name
  6. That's Why We Don't Love God
  7. When I'm Afraid
  8. Shadow Man
  9. Zurich in the Snow
  10. Troubles
  11. Lazarus Heart

Our Recollections (1996)Edit

Randy Stonehill - Our Recollections
Our Recollections
  1. The Wild Frontier
  2. Shut De Do
  3. Who Will Save the Children?
  4. I Could Never Say Goodbye
  5. Christmas at Denny's
  6. Great Big Stupid World
  7. Turning Thirty
  8. Faithful
  9. American Fast Food
  10. The Hope of Glory
  11. The Gods of Men
  12. China
  13. Celebrate the Heartbeat
  14. Rachel Delevoryas
  15. Coming Back Soon

Thirst (1998)Edit

Randy Stonehill - Thirst
  1. Hand of God
  2. Fire
  3. Sleeping
  4. Father of Lights
  5. Angels' Wings
  6. Baby Hates Clowns
  7. Every Heartbeat Is a Prayer
  8. Lonely House
  9. Little Rose
  10. Everything You Know (Is Incorrect)/Keeper of the Bear

Edge of the World (2002)Edit

Randy Stonehill - Edge of the World
Edge of the World
  1. Dare to Believe
  2. That's the Way It Goes (featuring Phil Keaggy)
  3. We Were All So Young (featuring Phil Keaggy, Larry Norman, Barry McGuire, Annie Herring and Russ Taff)
  4. Jayney
  5. Take Me Back (featuring Sara Groves)
  6. All I Know
  7. Hey, Pauline
  8. Edge of the World
  9. Last Song for Michael
  10. Far, Far
  11. Prisoner of Hope

The Definitive Collection (2007)Edit

Randy Stonehill - The Definitive Collection
The Definitive Collection
  1. Wild Frontier
  2. Who Will Save the Children?
  3. Shut De Do
  4. I Thirst for You
  5. I Could Never Say Goodbye
  6. Still, Small Voice
  7. Turning Thirty
  8. Coming Back Soon
  9. Rachel Delvoryas
  10. Christmas at Denny's

Paradise Sky (2008)Edit

Randy Stonehill - Paradise Sky
Paradise Sky
  1. Keep Me Runnin'
  2. One True Love
  3. King of Hearts
  4. Norman's Kitchen
  5. I've Got News for You
  6. Even the Best of Friends
  7. The Winner
  8. Counterfeit King
  9. Trouble Coming
  10. First Prayer
  11. Good News

Spirit Walk (2011)Edit

Randy Stonehill - Spirit Walk
Spirit Walk
  1. Blood Transfusion and a Coca Cola
  2. Remember the Devil
  3. Spirit Walk
  4. Life Is Tough, God Is Good
  5. Try Havin' Some Faith
  6. Broken Places
  7. Pray for Me
  8. That's Where the Devil Lives
  9. Last Time I Saw Eden
  10. Finish Well

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