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A Fool In Love

This song is by Randy Newman and appears on the movie soundtrack Meet the Parents (2000).

Look at the light coming over me
Show me a man who's gentle and kind
And I'll show you a loser
Now, show me a man who takes what he wants
Oh how exciting
Oh how exciting
So the poet sings

When you're a fool in love
And nothing goes the way you plan
And no one cares and no one understands
That you're a fool and you're in love
Never another spring for you
Never a robin to sing for you
You're out there on your own
When you're a fool in love

When you're a fool in love
Seems like the skies are always grey
You turn around, there's someone in your way
And it's you, and you're in love
Sometimes you think that your luck has changed
And a rainbow explodes 'cross the sky
But when you're a fool in love
You'll be a fool till the day you die

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