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​How Did U Know

This song is by Randy Meisner.

We sit around
Feelin' all starbound
We leave so soon
Soon we go to the moon
We got to get so high
I make the things grow

How did you know it was me
Did I give it away so easily
I put things up on the roof
They all laughed thought it was stupid
It made me so sad and hurt

There was once a little game
No one knew the rules it was for fame
Pretty silly more for kids
But the team they liked the fridge
Always scoffin grabbin the milk 'n' stuff
Then sittin' down 'n' watchin crufts
I never liked it
But it wernt about me

How did you know it was me
Did I give it away so easily
That I wernt as smart as I made out
U might be thinkin' what I'm about
But I'm not sure myself

I don't understand
That it didn't go as I planned
This little song has no meaning
Just thought up while I was dreamin'
It is all calm and so mellow
With ash uve got a nice fellow

I've always thought about life
If I'll get old 'n' have a wife
Will she be anything like me
And will she compare to ash mistry

Hmmmmm hmmm hmmm oh yeah
Hmmmmm hmmm hmmm oh yeah