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Learn To Fly

This song is by Randy Bachman and appears on the album Heavy Blues (2015).

Baby what you want me to do
I'll do anything for you
Lost and goin' in circles
Tryin' to make this miracle come true
Just tell me what's on your mind
Let me loose and you will find
I'm gonna light your fire
And take you even higher
When I'm movin' down the line
I got a list of things to do
And baby they all for you

Learn to fly, fly away
Learn to fly, fly away
Time for fun, time for play
Learn to fly, fly away

You know luck is when you follow your dreams
And findin' out just what it all means
Why we comin', why we goin'
And why we come apart at the seams
Shoulda, woulda, coulda don't work
Livin' in the now is the dirt
The dealer deals the cards
We gotta play our parts
No matter how bad it hurts
There's only one way to go
So baby let's start the show

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