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Survivor (1978)Edit

Randy Bachman - Survivor


  1. Just a Kid
  2. One Hand Clappin'
  3. Lost in the Shuffle
  4. Is the Night Too Cold for Dancin'?
  5. You Moved Me
  6. I Am a Star
  7. Maybe Again
  8. Survivor
  9. Noah

Any Road (1992)Edit

Randy Bachman - Any Road

Any Road

  1. Prairie Town
  2. Any Road
  3. I Wanna Shelter You
  4. Overworked and Underpaid
  5. 15 Minutes of Fame
  6. Tailspin
  7. Vanishing Heroes
  8. One Step Ahead of the Law
  9. It's Only Money
  10. One Night in Texas
  11. Why Am I Lonely
  12. Prairie Town

Merge (1996)Edit

Randy Bachman - Merge


  1. Born to Ride
  2. There Ain't Nothin' Like It
  3. Bad News Travels Fast
  4. I Play the Fool for You
  5. Nothin's Gonna Bring You Down
  6. Anthem: For the Young
  7. Please Come to Paris
  8. No Reason to Cry
  9. Can't Go Back to Memphis
  10. Burnin' Up the Floor
  11. Made in Canada
  12. That's Ok

Every Song Tells a Story (2002)Edit

Randy Bachman - Every Song Tells A Story

Every Song Tells A Story

  1. Prairie Town
  2. No Sugar Tonight
  3. No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature
  4. Undun
  5. Let It Ride
  6. These Eyes
  7. Laughing
  8. Four Wheel Drive
  9. No Time
  10. American Woman
  11. Hey You
  12. Looking Out for Number One
  13. You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
  14. Takin' Care of Business
  15. Shakin' All Over

Jazz Thing (2004)Edit

Randy Bachman - Jazz Thing

Jazz Thing

  1. Let's Call It a Night
  2. In Blue
  3. That Old Feeling
  4. Rose Coloured Glasses
  5. Summertime
  6. Sentimental Fool
  7. I Walk the Line
  8. Dead Cool
  9. The First Time You Said Hello
  10. Breau's Place (Quiet and Blue)
  11. Our Leaves Are Green Again

Jazz Thing II (2007)Edit

Randy Bachman - Jazz Thing II

Jazz Thing II

  1. Exactly Like You
  2. Everybody's Cryin' Mercy
  3. Two Trains Runnin'
  4. Closing Time
  5. Runaway
  6. Your Mind Is on Vacation
  7. Takin' Care of Business

Heavy Blues (2015)Edit

Randy Bachman - Heavy Blues

Heavy Blues

  1. The Edge
  2. Ton of Bricks (featuring Scott Holiday)
  3. Bad Child (featuring Joe Bonamassa)
  4. Little Girl Lost (featuring Neil Young)
  5. Learn to Fly
  6. Oh My Lord (featuring Robert Randolph)
  7. Confessin' to the Devil (featuring Jeff Healey)
  8. Heavy Blues (featuring Peter Frampton)
  9. Wild Texas Ride
  10. Please Come to Paris (featuring Luke Doucet)
  11. We Need to Talk

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  • Instruments: Vocals, guitar, violin
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Randy Bachman is a performance name for Randolph Charles Bachman.

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1960 - present

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