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You Changed Direction

This song is by Randi Laubek and appears on the album Ducks And Drakes (1997).

You Changed Direction by Randi Laubek from the album: 'Ducks and Drakes'
Music: Randi L./Anders P. Jensen
Words: Randi L.

Take all your fantasies
Blend them and see what you get
A wizard with a magic won
A world loving me as I am

Only I can choose if I live
To receive or to give
Only I can change my wrong complexion

But you changed direction
You showed me the connection
Between when I'm doubting
And when I believe

If roars turn to whispers
I still think I'll hear when you call me
(You can call me)
Time carries winter ' it turns into summer
I remember it all

Only I can choose if I live... etc.

But you changed direction... etc.

Lovers flame ' calls my name
Love's coming easy
When love's feeling she has a home
Lovers flame calls my name
Faith's coming easy
When faith's feeling he's not alone

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