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​New Beginning

This song is by Randi Laubek and appears on the album Ducks And Drakes (1997).

New Beginning by Randi Laubek from the album: 'Ducks and Drakes'
Music and words: Randi Laubek

It was your good
Sure you know it couldn't have been mine
Who made this happen?
-Fall in love ten years too late in time
I didn't need a test or a fight

So tell me, baby
Did you find out what he really meant?
And is it a good thing
That we both know we will meet again

I didn't a test or a fight
You didn't look for love in your life
This love just felt so right

And I fight from the deepest inside
'Cause I want it so badly
I give my love gladly
The tunes keep me going
It's gasoline knowing
That everything will have a new beginning

And I know there'll be a new beginning
We'll be a new beginning

But why is the right thing
That a love like this must have an end
Did we love just to learn?
That we must never love again

I didn't need a test or a fight... etc.