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​Kiss Of Destiny

This song is by Randi Laubek and appears on the album The Wedding Of All Things (2003).

She calls your name at night, there on her lonely rock
To spare you from the sight of her so out of luck
Each thought you think arrives to her without a word
Disclosing chapters from a tale you once have heard

That's not at all a tragedy
It's just a kiss of destiny
That's not at all a tragedy
Just let the cold waves
Let them swallow me...

The waves roll to her knees with bottle massagewords
She grabs them with her hands, and poor her, how it hurts
She loves you now so deep
She cannot eat, she cannot sleep
And when the tide subsides the memories emerge

That's not at all a tragedy... etc

Deep as the secrets concealed by the sea
So is the love that you washed over me
Drowning the promise of eternity
I have no fears, let them swallow me...

This broken heart could be a stone in the machinery
The boat will sink, you see
It's no revenge, it's just the end for me

That's not at all a tragedy... etc