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Cunningly Concealed

This song is by Randi Laubek and appears on the album Ducks And Drakes (1997).

Cunningly Concealed by Randi Laubek from the album: 'Ducks and Drakes'
Music: Randi L./Ben Barson
Words: Randi L

If you won't remember how I found you
All humiliated hanging on a string
If you won't reveal the things you went through
I won't ask you anything

Everything comes back to you in the end
Something's even tales of time do not mend
But you want me in ' don't push me away

Cunningly concealed
Nothing is revealed
Never let you secrets see the light
Cunningly concealed
Nothing is revealed
Until you find that there's nothing to hide
'Cause the way you're thinking
Is the way you're walking through?

Truth is sometimes hard to follow
Are you with me for a while to ease your pain
Truth is: these are shades of sorrow
'Cause the hierophant sang the song of love again

Everything comes back to you in the end... etc.

Cunningly concealed... etc.

Slow down your horses
(So don't leave me hanging)
You're running triggers
(Without any landing place)
I need your guidance though the maze
(You know I'm depending on you)
Our puzzling nightmares
(I won't leave you losing)
Will always trick us
(When life is confusing)
But you're with me and I won't run away

Cunningly concealed... etc.

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