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This song is by Rancid and appears on the album Rancid (2000).

For Weeks you're fallin'
Guy's are die'n
Hit the call - They'll call you back
Some'n'll use you too
Usin' me usin' you
What can ya do
Watch out mack - here's a rat
Bornon the tracks - Paint it black
Lack of feedback, Hit the flashback
Don't you know we hate thee

You're a rattlesnke -And you're full of shit
You're a rattlesnake - You're a rattlesnake

Fuck that shit - I don't wanna hear it
You can't bear it - Would Implode
I hate your band ya understand
Ya got no passion - It's all fashion
Call me ya can't Call come through
Come down in flames - Red and blue
You don't know - Ya got no clue
I See Through

You're a rattlesnake - And your full of shit
I fucking hate you
You're a rattlesnake

Talk that shit about our crew
We hate you - you say you know us
We don't know you
You jump on the next bandwagon - what's the next fad
And I hear you braggin'

But you ain't shit - You get frustrated
We never hesitated - To call you a charleton
'Cause we hate you

You're a rattlesnake - And you're full of shit
I fuckin' hate you - You're a rattlesnake

You're a rattlesnake - And you're full of shit
And I hate you - You're a Rattlesnake

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