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Live the Dream (2011)Edit

Ramshackle Glory - Live the Dream

Live the Dream

  1. First Song
  2. More About Alcoholism
  3. We Are All Compost in Training
  4. From Here Till Utopia - Song for the Desperate
  5. Song for the Guilty
  6. Vampires Are Poseurs - Song for the Living
  7. Of Ballots and Barricades
  8. Bitter Old Man
  9. Your Heart Is a Muscle the Size of Your Fist
  10. First Song, Part 2

Who Are Your Friends Gonna Be? (2012)Edit

Ramshackle Glory - Who Are Your Friends Gonna Be-

Who Are Your Friends Gonna Be?

  1. Introduction
  2. Lats Days (Goddamn)
  3. Who Are Your Friends Gonna Be?
  4. Gospel Music for the Coming Social War
  5. The Clubs Hits of Today Will Be the Show Tunes of Tomorrow
  6. Fuck Everything
  7. Exploration of Coercion in Everyday Life
  8. Song for Next May Day
  9. Last Song


Shelter (2013)Edit

This is a split album with Ghost Mice, for the full track listing, visit the album page.

  1. Eulogy For An Adolescence Shattered Against Elliot Street Pavement (Here's To Being Young)
  2. Any Place (Growing Up)
  3. Love Song For The Birds In The Back Yard
  4. No Shelter
  5. Punk Is The Worst Form Of Music, Except For All Others

Other SongsEdit

  1. From Here To Utopia (Song For The Desperate)
  2. Never Coming Home - Song For The Guilty
  3. Punk Is The Worst Form Of Music, Except For All The Others

Additional information

Band members:

  • Nick Berger
  • Eric "Johnny" Freedom
  • Wyndham Maxwell
  • Luke Romano
  • Pat "The Bunny" Schneeweis
  • Dottie
  • Disdane

Former members:

  • Andrew Link
  • Douglas Fur
  • Michael
  • Danielle
  • Charlie

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