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Willy Moore

This song is by Ramblin' Jack Elliott and appears on the compilation album Best Of The Vanguard Years (2000) and on the album I Stand Alone (2006).

Willie Moore was a young, he was scarce twenty-one
He courted a maiden fair
Her eyes were like two diamonds bright
And raven black was her hair
Raven black was her hair

I loved Willie Moore, she told herself
Far better than I've loved my life
For I'd much rather die, than to weep and cry
That I never can be his wife
Never can be his wife

That very same night sweet Annie disappeared
They searched the country round
Till at length in a brook by his father's house
The body of Annie was found
Body of Annie was found

Willie Moore scarcely spoke that any one knew
Till at length from his friends did part
When last heard of him he was in Montreal
Where he died of a broken heart
Died of a broken heart


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