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Please Remember Me

This song is by Ramblin' Jack Elliott and appears on the album A Stranger Here (2009).

I will never forget the day
You said goodbye so tenderly
I could see it in your eyes that you would always
Always remember me

Out of all my hardships I remember
The smile that you had on your face
And it gave me great consolation
No one else would take my place

When my mind was so lonely
Wondering if I would ever see your face again
Lord, you don't know, you don't know baby
You don't know what shape I was in

True love covers everything
Just as the snow covers a cold, cold ground
And if you have that kind of love, love for me
You will never let me down

When I can't see you again
Don't know just when that will be
When my heart is still crying
Please remember me

When my heart is still crying, still crying
Please remember me

Written by:

Walter Davis

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