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This song is by Ramallah and appears on the album But A Whimper - MCD (2005).

As we plunge down
A dead end path of humanity
So they suffer
These are the days
In which blood is cheap
And it's the price of continued sleep
Don't trust, Don't believe
Those up top will gladly
Forfeit you and me
It's right in front of you
It's right in front of me
How many have to die
Before we see?
It's right in front of you
It's right in front of me
The writing's on the wall
But we're too blind to see
The truth's in front of you
The truth's in front of me
The blood is on the wall but we prefer to sleep
As we plunge down the dead end path
Of inhumanity so will we suffer
Is coming back at you it's coming back at me
But you'll just close your eyes
And let it bleed...
Just take a look at the papers
Your leaders
They're killers
They're liars
What they do in your
Name to make the bodies pile higher
The murders, the terror
They've done it forever
As we sit bavk and smile
At the script they sell us
(but now) the victims, they're rising
Their number's multiplying
They want their revenge for the years
That they've been dying
So now they come for me
So now they come for you
We didn't hear
And now there's nothing we can do...

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