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Ralph Tresvant (1990)Edit

Ralph Tresvant - Ralph Tresvant
Ralph Tresvant
  1. Rated R
  2. Sensitivity
  3. She's My Love Thang
  4. Stone Cold Gentleman
  5. Rizz's Interlude
  6. Do What I Gotta Do
  7. Love Hurts
  8. Girl I Can't Control It
  9. Love Takes Time
  10. Public Figure (Ordinary Guy)
  11. Last Night
  12. I Love You (Just For You)
  13. Alright Now
  14. Sensitivity (Ralph's Rap)

It's Goin' Down (1993)Edit

Ralph Tresvant - It's Goin' Down
It's Goin' Down
  1. Graveyard
  2. Shaky Ground
  3. Who's The Mack
  4. It's Goin' Down
  5. You'll Remember Me
  6. My Aphrodisiac
  7. When I Need Somebody
  8. Sex Maniac
  9. The Booty Affair
  10. Love At First Sight
  11. Your Touch
  12. G-Spot
  13. Sex-O

Songs on SoundtracksEdit

  1. Money Can't Buy You Love (from the soundtrack Mo' Money (1992))

Songs Featuring Ralph TresvantEdit

  1. Voices That Care
  2. Somebody Bigger Than You and I by Whitney Houston from the soundtrack The Preacher's Wife (1996)

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