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​Working On Wood

This song is by Raised Fist and appears on the album Ignoring The Guidelines (2000).

You came crashing into my life, pretend to work out of holy strife
Only for whites and you disciples, a bunch of fools breaking all the rules
Your filled with hate and it must come out, when your mouth is closed
You don't scream and shout, communication is not in sight
You wanna settle this with a nice fight?

I'm working on wood is that understood

Trying to find anything in this child hood, I'm wasting my time I'll never get
Inside through this f**cking thick skull
To fights you're way of speaking well let me send you my greetings
Congrads to the biggest fool, dropping out of school, think your so cool

Maybe you'll reach the stars, freedom of speech has helped you to
Go far
But I guess that fame will end up dead and you will feel so lonely
With a shaved head

You hate everything you need, compassion, love and the air that you breathe
If there was a god id prey for you
You hate me that's ok 'cause I hate you too