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Torn Apart

This song is by Raised Fist and appears on the compilation Cheap Shots, Vol. 2 (1996) and on the album Watch Your Step (2001).

Just believe in myself
No one to trust no one to believe in
But I cannot win this fight by myself
I need some help and I need it quickly
You've started to run all by yourself
And I wonder where are your friends now
Feeling the pain in my head
But I have to go on
I have to go through this shit
That you throw in my face
What is enough
When are you going to stop

Feeling the pain in my head
I've tried to be strong
But I wish I were dead
Hated so much in my life
Acted so wrong
Time after time
I've seen your friends come and go
No none will stay
When you're full of your emptiness
What has happened to you
First so fine
Now you're acting divine
In the search for yourself
The only thing you find
Is that no one likes you
I left you alone
You left me alone
And everything felt so fine
I'm gonna raise mine
'Cause my hate for you is coming back

Some of them are my real friends
Some of them aren't just chasing trends
Some times its easy to see
When they try real hard
To be me
All by myself
I'm gonna take them out
Do something
Just anything
To keep them out of my sight

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