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Chains Of Sadness

This song is by Raintime and appears on the album Tales From Sadness (2005).

Laying down in (the) dark cell
Crying bitter tears
Waiting for freedom
Time's running out
Sleeping on this cold stone
Ice inside as well
I feel so faithless
God's gonna away
Is this bunch of misery
Just all for me?
Should I survive to this hell?
Had pangs of hunger
Are stealing my nerve
Everything around me
Is mudding me up
Father I'll forgive you
For all your sad crimes
Should I survive to this hell?
Now, now that I'm here
Will I prevail over this fear?
I'm... I'm digging my soul
'Cause I've seen a sunrise or a sunset
As I was blind
Time's running out
Time's running out
I'll die again
I'll die again

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