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​Im Love

This song is by Raining Jane.

I'm waiting here for him, it's two a.m.
Everyone's sleeping, not me.
I just logged on to see,
If he was here in the dark waiting for me too.
'Cause I can't get calls past eleven.
So I check on my buddy list.
And there he is.

This boy, that I met, on the internet.
He types real good, and you know he should,
He's a senior in high school.
I put my profile up on display,
I'm waiting patiently to see what he'll say.
My heart is pounding why does it take so long?
(Why can't we get DSL?)

This boy that I met, on the internet.
He makes me laugh, LOL.
BTW, I heart you.
I rush home to delete all of the fricken spam.
Tonight I'm gonna set up my webcam.
So I can show you all my tattoos.
(God I hope you're not my dad.)