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I'll Be Fine

This song is by Raining and OK and appears on the album The Devil On Your Shoulder (2007).

In the shade where I hung my head
There was no place where I could fit in
So I ran away, never to return
And I found myself flat on my back again

I'll be fine…

And I'm throwing stones at a glass house
And I'm breaking bone to feel numb
Oh, will this house become a home?
I'll be fine, don't worry about me

In the night, I dream what I could have become
But these dreams feel like a waste of my time
Find me a map so I could fine where I am at
To start where I left off, and be the better man
This time…

I'll be fine…

And I'm leaving this all behind
And I'll take the step over the live
To replace the loss of time

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