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​The Reason The Night Is Long

This song is by Rainer Maria and appears on the album Look Now Look Again (1999) and on the live album Anyone In Love With You (Already Knows) (2004).

Oh the reason the night is long
Is very simple.
Oh I miss you when I'm at work.
Oh and I miss you when we fight, and you leave.
Honey, I confess, I stole your heart.
And honey, I confess that it was criminal.
But I've been captured, I'm paralyzed.
And I've been disarmed by your charm.

Oh the reason the night is long is very simple.
I imagine, tonight, that we can get along.
That nothing I can do with you is wrong, tonight.

But if I'm careful at sunset, if I'm mindful at dawn,
(Clouded minds up north could
Sometimes produce rain and lightning.)
If it's ok to touch you,
It's all right to think "electricity".

Oh the reason the night is long is very simple
Maybe it hasn't been so long.
Maybe this dim time is just twilight.