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​Spit And Fire

This song is by Rainer Maria and appears on the album A Better Version of Me (2001) and on the live album Anyone In Love With You (Already Knows) (2004).

On the inside
Of you and i
Burning out our true desires
With spit and fire

Open up your chest
Put my hand inside
It's dishwater warm,
Smooth as porcelain,
And it flakes away like red rust

Take those lazy drugs away
Turn to me instead
I'm dishwater warm,
Smooth as porelain,
And I'll flake away like red rust

Everything expires
Tonight there's no denying
Even you and I will die,
So why are we hesitating?

Knowing that you've opened up
Yourself to me is no victory
But a consolation prize will suffice tonight

Everything expires
Tonight there's no denying
Maybe you and I should try
All the things
We are too scared to try.