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Demo Tape (1995)Edit

Rainer Maria - Demo Tape
Demo Tape
  1. The Argument From Simplicity
  2. Email to Kmley
  3. Song Without Words
  4. Battery Pack
  5. Todd Haynes
  6. I Love You Too

Rainer Maria (1997)Edit

Rainer Maria - Rainer Maria
Rainer Maria
  1. Summer + Longer
  2. I Love You Too
  3. Rain Yr Hand
  4. Portland
  5. Ian
  6. Made In Secret

1955 (1997)Edit

Rainer maria - 1955
  1. New York, 1955
  2. Up Until this Time

Past Worn Searching (1997)Edit

Rainer Maria - Past Worn Searching
Past Worn Searching
  1. Tinfoil
  2. Half Past April
  3. Viva Anger, Viva Hate
  4. Always More Often
  5. Sickbed
  6. Never In Anger
  7. New York, 1955
  8. Homeopathy
  9. Put Me To Sleep

Look Now Look Again (1999)Edit

Rainer Maria - Look Now Look Again
Look Now Look Again
  1. Rise
  2. Planetary
  3. Broken Radio
  4. Feeling Neglected?
  5. Breakfast Of Champions
  6. The Reason The Night Is Long
  7. Lost, Dropped, And Cancelled
  8. Centrifuge
  9. I'm Melting!

Atlantic (1999)Edit

Rainer Maria - Atlantic
  1. There Will Be No Night
  2. Atlantic
  3. Soul Singer

Hell And High Water (EP) (2000)Edit

Rainer Maria - Hell And High Water EP
Hell And High Water (EP) (2000)
  1. Hell And High Water
  2. Paper Sack

A Better Version Of Me (2001)Edit

Rainer Maria - A Better Version Of Me
A Better Version Of Me (2001)
  1. Artificial Light
  2. Thought I Was
  3. Ceremony
  4. The Seven Sisters
  5. Save My Skin
  6. The Contents Of Lincoln's Pockets
  7. Atropine
  8. Spit And Fire
  9. Hell And High Water

Ears Ring (2002)Edit

Rainer Maria - Ears Ring
Ears Ring
  1. Ears Ring
  2. Alchemy
  3. Automatic

Long Knives Drawn (2003)Edit

Rainer Maria - Long Knives Drawn
Long Knives Drawn
  1. Mystery And Misery
  2. Long Knives
  3. Ears Ring
  4. The Double Life
  5. The Awful Truth Of Loving
  6. The Imperatives
  7. Floors
  8. CT Catholic
  9. Situation: Relation

Anyone In Love With You (Already Knows) (2004)Edit

Rainer Maria - Anyone In Love With You (Already Knows)
Anyone In Love With You (Already Knows) (2004)
  1. Tinfoil
  2. Soul Singer
  3. Mystery And Misery
  4. Artificial Light
  5. The Reason The Night Is Long
  6. The Seven Sisters
  7. The Contents Of Lincoln's Pockets
  8. Spit And Fire
  9. Long Knives
  10. Thought I Was
  11. Rise

Catastrophe Keeps Us Together (2006)Edit

Rainer Maria - Catastrophe Keeps Us Together
Catastrophe Keeps Us Together (2006)
  1. Catastrophe
  2. Life Of Leisure
  3. Burn
  4. Bottle
  5. Terrified
  6. Cities Above
  7. Already Lost
  8. Clear And True
  9. I'll Make You Mine
  10. Southpaw
  11. I'll Keep It With Mine (Hidden Track)

Other SongsEdit

  1. A Name Like Poison
  2. Pincushion
  3. Email To Kmley
  4. Soo Young

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