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This song is by Raindancer and appears on the album Audio (2005).

She rolls the dice it's time to play
I place my bet
Wondering what the odds may have to say
This is a never ending game
I place my bet
And ask myself why the story always is the same

Make me pay the price for you
I'll do what you want me to
Take away all my dignity and my tainted decency
Break a promise
Tell a lie
I won't even ask you why
Because I realise that what I'm bound to get
Are empty hands and a heart full of regret

I'm risking everything tonight
I place my bet
Lose it all
But she tells me it's all right
I always make the same mistake
I place my bet
But I forget what it is that's actually at stake

Make me pay...

Now I'm left with nothing
Crawling on my knees
But my heart's still beating
And that's all I need
So I won't resign yet

Make me pay...

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