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Creatures Ov Deception

This song is by Rainbowdragoneyes and appears on the EP The Primordial Booze (2011).

This song is available as a downloadable Rock Band Network track for Rock Band 2 and Rock Band 3.
Just ahead there lies a village compromised
By creatures in disguise
Wearing skin of men so they blend right in
But I see right through those guys

In the night they came for their prize to claim
In a week they will succeed
They are masters of deception lies and untold misery

I approach in silence
They will not be expecting me
I leap out of the darkness
And slay no less than three
Before my presence is detected
I will have them by the throat
These creatures are no match for me
And they will do as they're told

I am defender of the righteous
I am guardian of the true
I will not stand for deception and
I will not stand for you
If its in my greater interest
You may summon me to fight
But as soon as I save your ass from your doom
We fuck all night

Oh yeah

With the prize in sight on the seventh night
And no more left to kill
I will take whats mine and erase your mind
So what happened isnt real

Everything is burning and blistering
Somehow I lost control
I guess I didn't like your virgins very much
And their improper extol

So now while you watch your village burn
Maybe next time you'll know better
But it probably doesn't matter very much right now
Pretty soon you'll all be deader

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