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​The World Is Growing Old

This song is by Rainbirds and appears on the album Two Faces (1991).

All shout when the music is loud
When the music is low they all wanna go
All scream when the music is fast
When the music is slow they really don't know
If my faces are pretty I've got an excuse
If I know what I want I've got something to lose
Well, the money's good
But I'm not amused
UUHWEE, the world is growing old

All dance when I bang the right drum
When I'm on the wrong track I erase what I had
>From time to time as I move along
I take alook back to see what went wrong
Well, the future is close and I'm rotten to the core
It's gonna be too late when it knocks on my door
Well, but the money's good
And I'm not amused
. UUHWEE, the world is growing old

Feed me! Feed me! Feed me!

All yawn when I am what I am
When I am what they are it's kind of going too far
When they open the doors I gotta hesitate
If they open their wallets I mustn't wait
I could afford a fast car and save my soul
Or I could kill the leader and live like a mole
But the money's good
And I am not amused
Feed me! Feed me! Feed me!