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​Big Fat Cat

This song is by Rainbirds and appears on the album Two Faces (1991).

Slowly-catlike-like a big fat cat
Walking, she's waltzing
In and out of this life
Your last life before your daddy died

She was mysterious and pretty
But now, she's got a smell of her own
And many different faces
Her taste is somewhat bitter
And if you follow her traces
It gets so confusing...
You confuse me, you confuse me

Ooh, daddy kept showing me
How to play tricks on you
And still walk away with dignity
Yeah, mama never falters
As long as mama's her name

And no matter what I did
You were there to take the blame
But now I found, you're a cat
And you live seven different lives
It gets too confusing...

You confuse me.
Big fat cat...
I'll get ya
Big fat cat...
I know I'll get ya