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​Get Here

This song is by Rahsaan Patterson and appears on the album Love in Stereo (1999).

Sugar, I shiver
Alone in a bed
Where we once made
Sweet love, good love
When will you return
And love me again

(B-Sec 1:)
Think of how it would feel
If you were here with me
Do whatever it takes BABY - GET HERE

'Cause I'm yearnin' for your love
Longin' for your touch
I've been missing it so much - GET HERE
I'm waiting for you just
To come and take my love
Only you can fill me up - GET HERE

Baby, I'm lazy, walking in a daze
Starin' in space
Wanting and Waiting
For you to return and love me again

(B-SEC 2:)
I'm in desperate need
For you to pacify me
Do whatever it takes BABY - GET HERE